Homework & Announcements

Check this tab for weekly homework assignments and important announcements.

Week of April 25th

Math: Please complete pages 412, 416, 421, 422

Reading and Writing:

Complete the attached worksheet and staple or tape it into the HW copybook.

The new snap words for this week are: ate, who, out. Write each new snap word 5x each in the HW book.

Practice reading all snap words that we have learned so far. For a full list, please check the high-frequency words tab.

· Practice memorizing full name, address, phone number and birthday. Practice putting on/ zippering coats and tying shoes. Practice making the Sign of the Cross using your RIGHT hand.

· The HERO folder and math book go back and forth from home to school each night.

· Please initial the behavior calendar every night. Students will be given a sticker each day. Misbehavior will be noted by using the code at the bottom of the calendar.

· Written homework is assigned on Monday and due Friday.

· Please pack a snack, a lunch, and two drinks each day for your child. Please also pack at least 3 napkins.

· Practice opening food items at home. Practice tying shoes and zippering/buttoning jackets at home.

· Label your child’s full name on any notes for the office, your child’s schoolbag, lunch box and any sweaters, jackets or sweatshirts.

· Keep an extra changes of clothes and two extra masks in your child’s schoolbag in case of any spills or accidents.

· Pretzel money is due every Thursday for the following week. The cost is $2.50.

· Kindergarten gym day is Friday. Please wear your gym uniform every Friday.